Acorn Archimedes 310 Base Unit

Stripdown, Clean and Re-Assembly

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A310base_1.jpg - 18Kb
A filthy and slightly yellowed A310 in need of a good cleanup.

A310base_2.jpg - 20Kb
First, remove the top cover by unscrewing the two screws at either side of the case.

A310base_3.jpg - 19Kb
Next, remove the 3 screws from the rear panel, this will allow the top cover to be slid off to the rear.

A310base_4.jpg - 38Kb
Inside reveals a very dusty interior. Unfortunatly this machine has no interesting upgrades inside.

A310base_5.jpg - 47Kb
Next make a note on paper as to where all the power, disk drive, battery pack and front panel leads go.
Then disconnect them.

A310base_6.jpg - 20Kb
At the rear of the case, unscrew and remove the 2 screws which hold the mainboard in position.

A310base_7.jpg - 40Kb
The mainboard can now be withdrawn to the rear. When you get about halfway out, it may "stick".
This is due to a support post in the centre of the pcb catching on the case,
so just wriggle the board to get it out.

A310base_8.jpg - 21Kb
The front panel comes off by first removing the 3 self tapping screws on the underside.

A310base_9.jpg - 19Kb
Followed by the 2 screws shown here.

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