Acorn A4000 Base Unit

Stripdown Clean and Re-assembly.

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A4000base_1.jpg - 16Kb
A typically grubby looking Acorn A4000 Base unit that requires a service.

A4000base_2.jpg - 16Kb
A view of the rear of the unit, showing ports and a Video Digitiser Podule.

A4000base_3.jpg - 21Kb
To remove the top cover, unscrew and remove the two securing screws, centre left and right.

A4000base_4.jpg - 27Kb
This allows the lid to be slid towards the rear and off of the unit, revealing many years of dust.

A4000base_5.jpg - 24Kb
Next remove the Podule securing screws. If no podule is fitted the you can remove the
screws which secure the blanking plate in position.

A4000base_6.jpg - 33Kb
Now, CAREFULLY! lever the podule upwards by using pressure ONLY! where the connectors
go into the mainboard, NOT pressure from the rear.

A4000base_7.jpg - 27Kb
The drive power cables need to be un-attatched from the chassis, you can either cut the plastic tie
or like me, unpick it for re-use. I like originality so the original goes back on.

A4000base_8.jpg - 35Kb
Disconnect the power connector to the mainboard along with the Floppy Drive Ribbon
and Hard Disk Ribbon cable. Take care as theres not much room for large hands.

A4000base_9.jpg - 41Kb
Pull the power lead out of the rear of the Hard Disk Unit, also seperate the red/black lead
which goes to the Hard Disk Activity LED on the front panel.

A4000base_10.jpg - 31Kb
Undo and remove this single screw which secures the Drive sub-chassis to main casing.

A4000base_11.jpg - 30Kb
The Drive sub-chassis can now be lifted upwards and withdrawn to the rear of the Unit.
Make sure no cables "snag" on anything during removal.

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