Fitting a Hard Disk Drive to an A3020

This page describes the fitting and configuration of a Hard Disk Drive
to an Acorn A3020 computer. The Hard disk used came from a scrap
machine, so it was already formatted and ready for use.
Though this section will show its fitting and getting the computer
to recognise the new drive using !configure.

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A3020hdd_1.jpg - 50Kb
This is a 4Mb Acorn A3020 that is going to be upgraded with a Hard Disk Drive.
The drive to be fitted is a 2.5" from another A3020.

A3020hdd_2.jpg - 45Kb
First of all, unscrew and remove the 3 securing screws in the base.

A3020hdd_3.jpg - 37Kb
The upper case can now be pivoted upwards and to the rear to release it.

A3020hdd_4.jpg - 75Kb
Pull off the keyboard ribbons one at a time. Grip each end of the ribbon and pull up carefully.
Its quite a squeeze for large fingers

A3020hdd_5.jpg - 62Kb
The keyboard can now be lifted away, take care to thread the ribbons through the slot in the chassis.

A3020hdd_6.jpg - 24Kb
Unscrew and remove the two screws at the front of the chassis.

A3020hdd_7.jpg - 18Kb
Turn the unit over and remove the two socket headed screws that hold the PSU in position.

A3020hdd_8.jpg - 17Kb
Turning the unit right-side up again, remove any podule securing screws.
If no podule fitted, ignore this step.

A3020hdd_9.jpg - 21Kb
GENTLY!! ease the podule from its connectors on the mainboard. Everything is really flexible and easily damaged, so take care.

A3020hdd_10.jpg - 50Kb
The main chassis can now be slid forward then up and out of the case.

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