Fitting a Scanlight 256 Video Podule and
Hand Scanner setup to a A5000

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scanlight-256_1.jpg - 27Kb
A newly aquired Computer Concepts Scanlight 256 Video Podule and Hand Scanner is to be fitted to my A5000

scanlight-256_2.jpg - 37Kb
The package consists of, Podule, Hand Scanner, Manual, Fitting Instructions, Updated software leaflet,
Software on Floppy Disc, Registration Card, Ruler for scanning in a straight line (very useful) and of course,
the original box.

scanlight-256_3.jpg - 15Kb
Disconnect the machine from the mains supply and remove monitor, keyboard mouse etc.

scanlight-256_4.jpg - 27Kb
Unscrew and remove the six screws highlighted in this image, these secure the lid.

scanlight-256_5.jpg - 17Kb
Sit the machine right way up, and slide the top cover off to the rear.

scanlight-256_6.jpg - 46Kb
This machine has the "required" backplane fitted and plenty of choice as to available locations
for the podule. The podule can be fitted to any slot.

scanlight-256_7.jpg - 18Kb
We now need to remove a blanking plate from the rear of the case, we will remove the lower one as
fitting the podule here will make future upgrades easier. So remove the two screws highlighted.

scanlight-256_8.jpg - 20Kb
This image shows the blanking plate removed.

scanlight-256_9.jpg - 40Kb
Here we have the podule (half width) and a Half Width blanking plate to seal the rear of the case.
We will be fitting the podule to the lower right slot in this case.

scanlight-256_10.jpg - 44Kb
Carefully manouver the podule through the slot at the rear and connect it to the backplane by
pressing it together. I have secured one end of the podule to stop it falling out (highlighted).

scanlight-256_11.jpg - 27Kb
The reason I chose the right hand slot is due to a capacitor on the Econet module being rather high
and it was fouling the underside of the Scanlight board, If I need to use the left hand slot in
future I will have to carefully bend the capacitor out of the way.

scanlight-256_12.jpg - 35Kb
Now fix the supplied half width blanking plate into position using original and screws supplied.

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