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BBC-Bbase_1.jpg - 20Kb
A Very Grubby BBC Model-B for stripdown and clean. Issue 4 with 0.9 DFS and Econet

BBC-Bbase_2.jpg - 20Kb
First remove the two screws from the base.

BBC-Bbase_3.jpg - 19Kb
Followed by the two screws at the rear.

BBC-Bbase_4.jpg - 27Kb
Remove the function key strip by lifting the centre and unclipping at one end then the other.

BBC-Bbase_5.jpg - 37Kb
Lift the lid clear to reveal a dusty interior, or if your lucky, some interesting upgrades.

BBC-Bbase_6.jpg - 70Kb
Undo the two screws which hold the keyboard in place then remove the keyboard ribbon and speaker cable and lift clear.

BBC-Bbase_7.jpg - 43Kb
Next pull off all the power leads on the Mainboard being careful not to break any connectors. Also making a note as to where they go.

BBC-Bbase_8.jpg - 19Kb
Underneath the computer, remove the 3 screws that hold the Power Supply unit in place.

BBC-Bbase_9.jpg - 34Kb
It will now be possible to remove the power supply by first lifting at the rear then pulling backwards to allow the underside socket to come out.

BBC-Bbase_10.jpg - 33Kb
Next you will have to desolder the 2 wires connected to the Composite Video socket on the rear, Note where they go.

BBC-Bbase_11.jpg - 52Kb
Remove the 4 screws which hold the mainboard in place, be sure to retain the nylon insulating washers.

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