Acorn Electron Base Unit.

Stripdown, cleaning and re-assembly.

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elecbase_1.jpg - 41Kb
An Acorn Electron ready for a clean-up.

elecbase_2.jpg - 51Kb
First, remove the 4 screws indicated in the base of the unit.

elecbase_3.jpg - 62Kb
Next, pivot the top half of the case forward and remove the keyboard ribbon cable by gripping at its ends and working it off. It will more than likely be tight.

elecbase_4.jpg - 77Kb
Remove the keyboard assembly from the top half of the case by removing the 5 screws highlighted in this image.

elecbase_5.jpg - 34Kb
A view of the keyboard assembly removed.

elecbase_6.jpg - 52Kb
Remove the keys one at a time by gripping hold of them and pulling upwards. Some will come off easily but some will take quite a force.

elecbase_7.jpg - 6Kb
Dust, then wipe the keyboard chassis with a damp cloth. Then take a damp cloth to the keys. Not the best of images but you can see the difference.

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