Master 128 Base Unit

Stripdown,Clean and Reassembly

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M128base_1.jpg - 26Kb
A typically grubby Acorn BBC Master 128 ready for a bit of restoration.

M128base_2.jpg - 37Kb
First of all, on the underside remove the 4 screws marked "Fix".
The 2 from the rear will be longer than the 2 from the front.

M128base_3.jpg - 45Kb
Turn the assembly over again and lift off the lid to reveal a filthy interior. Undo and remove the 4 screws which hold the keyboard in place. Followed by the Ribbon cables and lift clear.

M128base_4.jpg - 44Kb
With the keyboard removed access is superb.

M128base_5.jpg - 44Kb
Lift up the ROM cartridge carrier to remove from the mainboard, unplug the speaker cable and lift the assembly clear. Also remove all power connections to mainboard, noting where they go.

M128base_6.jpg - 40Kb
Remove the 4 screws at either end of ROM cart sockets, followed by 1 where backplane attatches to power supply. Then lift upwards at the rear and pull mainboard backwards out of the case.

M128base_7.jpg - 28Kb
The power supply is removed by unscrewing the 3 screws on the underside of the unit.

M128base_8.jpg - 34Kb
The power supply can now be lifted clear along with the battery pack.

M128base_9.jpg - 25Kb
Next using only a damp cloth, clean the interior.

M128base_10.jpg - 16Kb
The ROM cartridge assembly will be particularly filthy as dirt
just falls into it through the top flaps.

M128base_11.jpg - 20Kb
Use the same cleaning technique for the interior of the "lid" section.

M128base_12.jpg - 21Kb
For the Exterior of the lid. First remove the function key-strip, by sliding upwards
then pulling on the centre until "one" end pops out, then lift away.

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